The Way To Get Free Gems Fast: Free Gems Clash Of Clans No Survey


For those people who are fond of games that are interesting, Clash of Clans is the newest sensation. From battle to defense, this game was made to check your thinking capabilities, preparation skills and desire to win. Unlike others, we do not believe in sharing tricks that will trick the game and make it an easy win for you. Rather, our focus is on sharing hints and techniques which enable you to master the game gradually without any foul play.

Getting Free Stone

Ok so like a number of other men you've been playing with Clash of Clans for a little while and you've reached the realization that you just want several of those gems REALLY BADLY. Let us face it the whole game is centered around getting you to want gems and getting one to buy them, and many of us do it, because we're so addicted and we feel like we don't have any option!

Well I Have spent quite some time playing this game thus far, even purchased some gems at some point with real cash, and did my own research about how to get jewels that were free.

BUT I have found the MOST EFFECTIVE way to get free gems consistently. Its totally legit and there is nothing odd about it. It is a reward system called "Characteristic Points". You basically download try them for 30 seconds on your IOS or Android Apparatus

How it Works

You trying them on your device for 30 seconds and will be downloading apps, and after that getting an amount of points as a reward. When you reach 3000 points (which takes about 7-14 days on average) you are able to immediately redeem 5.00 USD via PayPal (or more if you wait longer).

You can then use that to purchase gems without actually costing you anything.

Added Techniques For Getting Jewels

Among the very best ways to get a great boost early on is always to reach 1250 trophies quickly, largely by handling easy bases

So that it is imperative that you just stick to it and work out your own powerful strategy.

How you can Spend Your Precious Stone

Another thing I wanted to take up is that which you should do along with your stone. I see Elixir collectors, that is for sure the best solution to pan them or people squandering them.

I just make use of them to accelerate my barracks, and so I can do more strikes/hour. That is for sure the very best approach to maximize your gains. I 've other useful tutorials on looting and other strategies that you can take a look at as well at the base of the page.

In addition to picking up trunks and most of the trees for gems, always search for the stone carton, which will give you about 25 stone instantly! Also do not squander stone on speeding up your hero or even purchasing gold or elixir, it is really not worth it and a huge waste. Your gems are valuable so use them nicely!

How Clash Of Clans Became Among Typically The Most Popular MMO Games

Ok so like quite a few other guys you've been playing Clash of Clans for a little while and you have come to the realization that you need some of those gems QUITE BADLY. Let's face it the entire game is centered around getting one to purchase them and getting you to need stone, and a lot of us do it, because we're so hooked and we feel like we don't have any option!